Photos Taken in 1947 Donated to Overbeck Project

Mrs. Lorraine Reid was a young wife in 1947, new to Washington, and tasked with finding a larger apartment for herself and her graduate student husband. With so few apartments to be had in the crowded post-war city, she had time to photograph scenes she came upon, many of them near the U.S. Capitol but in such dilapidated condition that politicians bemoaned their existence adjacent to the center of power. When Mrs. Reid downsized in 2013 and moved to Findlay, OH, she searched to find a good home for her 66-year old photos. The Overbeck Project is very grateful to be the recipient of her generosity and persistence.

None of the dwellings Mrs. Reid photographed in 1947 exist today, so we've done some research to create a map with the location of each photo and our best estimate of what occupies each spot today. Each identifying number links to Mrs. Reid's photo of that location. Please contact us at info@CapitolHillHistory.org to offer additional information about these photos or alternative suggestions about the current use of that site.

Many thanks to Nancy Freeman for scanning and editing these photographs, and to Monica Servaites for linking the map to the photos. We appreciate all our volunteers!